The Theme Song

Name of the songI’ll Be There For You

Performed by: The Rembrandts

Co-Written by: Friends producers David Crane and Martha Kauffman, Kauffman’s husband, composer Michael Skloff, and songwriter Allee Willis, along with Phil Solem and Danny Wolde, both of the Rembrandts.

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Fun Facts about the making of I’ll Be There for You:

  • The song was initially offered to the rock bands They Might Be Giants and R.E.M.
  • The song is influenced by The Beatles (I feel Fine) and blues singer Bobby Parker (Watch Your Step).
  • The original theme that is 1 minute long was re-recorded as a three-minute pop song due to popular demand after Nashville program director Charlie Quinn, along with radio announcer and music director Tom Peace looped the original short version into a full track and broadcast it on radio station WYHY Y-107.
  • The song was included in The Rembrandts’ album LP at the last minute.
  • The entire Friends cast is feature in the music video. It was included as a bonus on several DVD boxsets of the show.
  • The song got to number 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 Airplay, Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks and Top 40 Mainstream. It also got to #3 in the UK Singles Chart, New Zealand and Australia; #5 in Ireland and Norway, and #1 in Canada.
  • The song has been cover by The Goo Goo Dolls, Pink Lincolns, Alvin and the Chimpmunks, Westife, among others.

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