FriendsFest: The Ultimate Friends Celebration by Comedy Central UK

Comedy Central UK and Luna Cinema are bringing back to the UK the FriendsFest. Last year the FriendsFest arrived in London in September and tickets sold out in just 13 minutes.

This year they are taking the FriendsFest on tour across 6 venues in the UK.

Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest, the ultimate celebration of the world’s greatest TV show, returns this summer bigger and better than ever, with a 6 week UK tour of some of the country’s finest venues. Source: Comedy Central UK

Dates of the FriendsFest tour

  • HAGGERSTON PARK, HOXTON: 24th August –29th August
  • CHISWICK HOUSE & GARDENS: 1st September – 4th September
  • HYLANDS HOUSE, ESSEX: 7th September –11th September
  • HAREWOOD HOUSE, LEEDS: 14th September – 18th September
  • KNEBWORTH HOUSE, HERTS: 21st September –25th September
  • BLENHEIM PALACE, OXFORDSHIRE: 28th September –1st October


What you will I find at the FriendsFest?

Each location will feature recreated sets, props from the show and interactive elements. As was the case last year, fans will be able to hang out in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. But there will also be a host of new things to explore, including a new Central Perk set, Monica’s Moon Dance Diner, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Joey’s Sand Mermaid from the episode where they went to the beach, plus an Eighties silent disco.

There will be food stalls, a cocktail bar, Smelly Cat karaoke, table football and even a mocked up Las Vegas love chapel. Source:

How can I get tickets?

Sadly all tickets are now sold out for the FriendsFest, but you can sign up for upcoming events at the FriendsFest-Official Website.

Comedy Central is also giving having a contest to win tickets to FriendsFest. Win Tickets to FriendsFest!

For more information visit Comedy Central UK and FriendsFest

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