Friends, The Last One. Ten years later…

It seems hard to believe but it has been almost 10 years since Friends aired its last episode on May 6th 2004.

10 years ago

So much has changed since then, social media was in diapers, full hd tv and widescreen tv shows weren’t the norm (remember watching shows in full screen? you know, the “square” format…), we were happy with our dvds and though they were pretty cool, we didn’t thought about blu-rays… even more the iphone didn’t even existed!

Ten years has passed, we are all 10 years older and I bet your life has changed so much since 2004 like mine has too. Just try to remember what you did that Thursday night when NBC aired the last episode of Friends… I bet you weren’t going to be “live tweeting” or using “Whatsapp”.

Anyhow, even though so much time has passed, how the world has changed and how we all have changed; Friends has found a way to stay current and stay funny making it one of the most successful and beloved TV shows of all time.

The reason why Friends is still airing on syndication and possible will keep airing for a long time to come is pretty simple: it’s a show about friendship, love, family and life. The theme is pretty simple and is universal, it doesn’t need special effects, CGI or much “make up”. It’s about FRIENDSHIP, something that we all share no matter how times change.

Friends – The Last One

Friends series finale episode was properly entitled “The Last One“, following their pattern of naming the episodes “The One with…”, “The One Where…”.

“The Last One” was a two part episode, and hour long, which where the seventeenth and eighteenth episode of season 10 (a much shorter season than the usual 24 episodes per season).

Amazon ImageFriends final episode was written by the series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and directed by executive producer Kevin Bright.

The Friends series finale aired on NBC (as usual) on their then famous Thursday night, on May 6th, 2004. It was watched by over 50 million viewers, 52.46 million to be exact, making it the fifth most watched television series finale in US history.

This final episodes let us witness our favorite Friends embarking on new phases in their lives: Ross and Rachel finally get back together, Monica and Chandler adopt twin babies and are moving to a house in the suburbs… Those two are probably the biggest changes we see in the last episodes but in previous episode we have seen Phoebe settling down and getting married, and even though there is no explicit change in Joey’s life we can assume he, along with his Friends has grown up too.

From the twenty something year old Friends who were exploring the world, relationships, jobs, new experiences, back in 1994… we arrive to 2004 to adults who are starting families, getting married and settling down, adults who have found their place in the world…

Our Friends are embarking a new chapter in their lives and it gives us a sense of closure and also a start of a new beginning for each an everyone of them.

Final thoughts

Growing up watching Friends has been a pleasure and even though I didn’t watched the really earlier season while they were airing (I was just too young and was still into cartoons!) I did discover Friends in my teen years and I am very grateful.

Amazon ImageI am grateful to have witness an amazing show that in concept is simple and in its execution was spot on. A show that teaches us that family is who you share a bond with, wether it is a “blood” bond or a wonderful friendship. Your friends are also your family and with them you learn about life, love, relationships… You grow with them, you rely on each other, you share the best and the worst of moments… in simple words they are just there for you.

Friends was there for all of us for 10 years, and they will remain with us… They were there for us for a decade and we were there with them watching.

Thank you Friends for being there for us!

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