Will there be a Friends reunion? – Friends stars address a possible Friends reunion show

Since Friends came to an end 10 years ago the subject of a possible Friends reunion have been in the media and in the fans heads.

Amazon ImageWe love our Friends and will always want to see more but I am one of the fans that will not want a Friends reunion. The show was good and nothing will top that, the ending was great because it leaved us with the idea of each Friend starting a new chapter in their life and the one they shared with us had come to a closure.

Amazon ImageEach fan has their own idea of where Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross are right now and the expectations will be just to high for a reunion show like Friends which is one of the most successful tv show of all time.

The producers already stated since the show ended that there will not be a Friends reunion but still rumors has come and go during the past 10 years. The cast even addressed this rumors in multiple interviews.

Take a look at some of the cast interviews:

And a little bonus, here is what James Michael Tyler, aka Gunther, told Digital Spy about the idea of a Friends reunion. BTW this interview was to promote the release of the Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray].

What good reason could you think of for producers to revisit Friends?
“Honestly, I can’t think of any good reason for it because I think it was so well encapsulated. I think it had a perfect beginning and a perfect end, so as a series arc, I don’t think it could have been improved upon at all. 

“I don’t know about revisiting it because the people and their characters would be in their 40s now and that’s not really sitcom-y, that would be kind of trashy don’t you think? And as for a movie? No, I don’t think it would work.”


Are you pro or against a Friends reunion show? If you are pro a Friends reunion what would you like to see? If you are against a Friends reunion where do you think the characters are now?

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