Friends’ series premiere 20 year anniversary!

Exactly today twenty years ago on September 22th, 1994, Friends’ aired its first episode aired on NBC.

Time has passed so fast since then and even if it has been 20 years since Friends  premiere and 10 years since it ended, the show is still very popular.

So today is a big day for Friends and Friends’ fans, twenty years ago we met our Friends for the first time: The Pilot.

To commemorate this special date I made a few fan-arts. Check them out and tell me what you think. Hope you like them!

FriendsCentralPerk-Pilot-Fanart-PitchFriendsCentralPerk-Pilot-Fanart-Premiere FriendsCentralPerk-Pilot-Fanart-FactsFriendsCentralPerk-Pilot-Fanart-ThankYou

Friends creators, cast, writers, crew… Thank you for 10 amazing years! Thank you for 236 episodes (from the premiere to the finale)! Thank you for many great moments!…

Is 20 years later since the premiere and you still make us laugh!

We Friends’ fans are and will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you who made this wonderful show possible.

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