Friends Complete Series – Best price I’ve seen!

Hey Friends fans! A few days back we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Friends Finale: The Last One. It was the best excuse to start watching Friends again or maybe remember your favorite moments of the show.

I’ve been searching for great deals on the Friends Complete Series and found the Friends Complete Series on DVD and Bluray at a great discount price on Amazon. Check out their prices:

Friends: The Complete Series (2006)

This DVD edition of the complete series include all the Friends episodes in a 40 Disc Version. To my understanding this edition was first release in 2006 and was reissued last year (2013).

Its’ list price is $202.92 and is now at $89.49. You save $113.43(56%)

Amazon Image

Friends: The Complete Series (Bluray) (2012)

The ultimate collector set features over 110 hours of content (90 hours of features and 20 hours of bonus content). All 236 original broadcast episodes. Highly Collectible Premium Packaging Lenticular Box Cover Hard-cover book that holds 21 discs 32-page episode guide with content from the Warner Bros. archives.

Its’ list price is $279.98 and is now at $123.99. You save $155.99 (56%).

Amazon Image

So if you want your Friends collections updated or have been looking to add Friends the Complete Series to your DVD or Bluray collection this is a great time to purchase Friends the Complete Series.

Both the DVD and Bluray collection are at a great price with over 50% off!

I myself would buy both of them if I had the money right now, but unfortunately I don’t 🙁 But if you can afford it you might want to considering purchasing it right now, I don’t know how long they will keep the prices as low.

Anyhow, remember to check the price of the products before adding them to your cart. The prices that I am sharing with you are the ones feature as I am writing this post but they might change at any time (most likely they will go higher…).

If you get one of this Friends the Complete Series don’t forget to share your thoughts on those products here so you can help other Friends’ fans decide which version to get.

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