Friends’ Central Perk Coffee Shop in Liverpool and Chester, UK

As you might know, Friends was film in the Warner Bros Studio in Burbank, CA. And their famous coffee shop Central Perk didn’t actually exist in New York.

However back in 2009, Warner re-created the Friends’ Central Perk coffee shop in central London to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Friends and also the launch of the then new Complete DVD Boxset. It was set to be open for two weeks according to this source.

Central Perk is a pop-up cafe which will be open for two weeks to celebrate 15 years since TV show Friends first aired. The cafe will contain props from the programme and although it’s unlikely you’ll bump into Rachel and Co. rumour has it that Gunther may put in a special appearance.

I’ve been searching the web and it seems that there are 2 Central Perk’s in the United Kingdom, one in Liverpool and one in Chester. So if you are in the area you probably already know, but if you are visiting those cities and are a Friends’ fan these are definitely must stops for you!

The atmosphere and decoration are based on the Central Perk feature on Friends, the food and coffee seems good (based on Tripadvisor) and you can get some cool souvenirs!

To get more information on Central Perk in the UK:

Visit their Official

Follow them on Twitter: @CentralPerkLiv and @CentralPerkChe

Photo Source: CentralPerkChester Facebook Page

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