Friends 20th Anniversary – Series Premiere – The Pilot – Fun Facts

Today 20 years ago, NBC aired the first episode of a little show about 6 friends living in New York. It’s been 20 years since its premiere and 10 years since it ended and we still remember this TV Sitcom: Friends.

Friends is one of the most popular TV Shows of all time. The Pilot was the first episode of what would be a series of 236 episodes in ten amazing years on television.

Here are some Fun Facts about this iconic Friends’ episode that started it all.

Friends’ The Pilot: Fun Facts

  • “The Pilot” is the series premiere of “Friends”
  • The episode is also known as “The One Where it All Began”, “The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate”, and “The First One”
  • The show was originally pitched as “Insomia Cafe”
  • Filmed at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.
  • They filmed the pilot with 4 cameras and recorded a total of 8 hours of material (2 hours per camera).
  • It was not filmed on the Warner Bros. Studios Stage 24 now known as “The Friends Stage”.
  • “The Pilot” was taped on May 4th, 1994
  • Original airdate: September 22nd, 1994 on NBC
  • Episode Number 1 (of a total of 236)
  • Written by: Marta Kauffman & David Crane
  • Directed by: James Burrows
  • Watched by: 22 million viewers
  • “The Pilot” was the 15th most-watched television show of the week


From “Insomia Cafe” to “Friends”

Before there was “Friends” there was “Insomia Cafe”. “Insomia Cafe” was the name of the show that Kauffman and Crane originally pitched to NBC. Later on the would rename the show as what we all know now as Friends.


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